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toy production and manufacturing

We love toys and we love arts! After graduating as an art major from the university, I started PatchTogether as a platform to help designers and artists to bring their toy designs to reality. During the years, PatchTogether has slowly transferred itself from a toy company to a toy manufacturer that produce high quality works. We had collaborated closely with companies and artists representing movies, video games, comics and designer toys.

We specialize in high quality figures, statues, collectibles, plush, coins, and more. Our services includes manufacturing, mold and paint master development. Whether it’s a simple promotional item or large scale production run, we will deliver a solution based on your budget, deadline, and market needs.

We have a small headquarter in Irvine, California but our factories in China house over 10,000 square meters of working and storage area. We employ a skillful team of senior sculptors, engineers, pattern and mold makers to meticulously capture each client’s visions down to the finest details. To appease budgetary concerns, we are constantly working with our Chinese resources to secure competitive pricing for our clients. 

Since the company’s founding, our products have reached North America, Europe, Korea and Japan. Word of mouth means a lot to our line of work, we have built a client base that includes reputable companies such as Riot Games, 2K Games, Irrational Games, Sideshow Collectible, Yamato Toys, Anatomy Tools and many more.


Riot Games / 2K Games / Irrational Games 

Disney / Sideshow Collectible / ARH Studios

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